Born: 13th February 1973 in Oulu, Finland 
Lives: Oulu City located in the
Northern part of
Status: Engaged to Johanna.
Pets: Two German Shepards,
Pimu and Bria.
Height: 5’9” (173 cm)
Weight: 238 lbs (108 kg) in
contest: 280 lbs. (127 kg) in off season.
Idols: Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Dorian Yates.
Hobbies: Watching tv and videos.
Biceps: 61 cm (24′)

 Marko training with Ernie “Triceps” Taylor 

Contest history:
1992 – Finnish Junior Championships, 2nd place, Middle Weight Class
1992 – Finnish Nationals, 7th place, Light-Heavy Weight Class
1993 – Finnish Junior Championships, 1st place, Heavy Weight Class
1993 – Finnish Nationals, 1st place, Heavy Weight Class + Over All
1997 – IFBB Finnish Pro Grand Prix, 7th place
1998 – Night of the Champions, no placing’
1998 – IFBB Finnish Pro Grand Prix, 8th place
2001 – IFBB Ironman Pro Invitational, 12th place
2001 – IFBB San Francisco Pro Grand Prix, 8th place

Q: What have you learned during the year as a professional bodybuilder?
A: This is hard work and business, which can’t be done just for fun. At this phase of the career you need to be brave enough to make choices and decisions about your diet and training. The body changes on a daily basis.Nothing can’t be predicted further than a week. Even though some of the basic things in this sport are the same for everyone, lots of things are totally different between two different persons.

Q: Do you believe in periodization of the training?For example first to increase the amount of sets and intensity until the training starts geting too heavy, and then take a little easier and start over again?
A: Yes, but you shouldn’t increase the amount of sets if you increase intensity. Three weeks heavy, two weeks easier is a good system.

Q: How about your calories during the diet?
A: Around 3500 – 4000 kcal. I don’t use any fixed number for calories, instead my daily amount of calories varies according to the situation on a given day.

Q: What does your diet consist of?
A: Protein powder, chicken, rice, and cottage cheese. Right now on this diet I try Sprite Light for the first time.

Q: How often do you eat?
A: Six times a day.
Q: What kind of supplements do you use?
A: It’d be easier to tell which one I don’t use! Every day I take 15 dosages of protein powder, 15 grams of creatine, 30 g / day during the loading phase. OKG, glutamine, two or three vitamine packs, BCAA 30 grams, fish oils, puryvate and lots of all of these.

 Marko training with Ernie “Triceps” Taylor